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I recently tried an environmentally-friendly natural deodorant that I fell in love with. This product has no aluminum, stinky smell or alcohol and it really works. I have been using it for the past 2 weeks during this crazy 90-100 degree heat wave and it worked like a charm. There was never any odor or sweaty smell on my armpits and I did not have to reapply it at any time. Just once in the morning after my shower did the trick. This product is worth trying and buying"

The following ARE excerpts from the MSN BODY ODOR SUPPORT GROUP from people with severe odor problems requiring PHYSICIANS attention and are discouraged at the products they have tried before. IF IT CAN HELP THESE PEOPLE, IMAGINE WHAT IT CAN DO FOR REGULAR BODY ODOR! It also contains testimonials from people all over the world.

Ok guys, this Dr.Mist definitely works on armpit, foot and crotch odors. I sprayed Dr. mist on my wife's pits and she felt good all day. There was no hint of armpit odors on her clothes. I don?t know if this will work for tmau though so i was afraid to try it on my pits, but it definitely worked for me for my feet and crotch area.

Hi everybody. I have been using Dr. Mist for 4/5 days. It's been working quite well. All in all the best product i tried so far,. Don't be foolish and not try this. MSN Body Odor Support Group

I just wanted to give my results for this product. First I would like to start by stating I am a TMAU patient. I have a problem with BO and Bad Breath. I am able to control the smell to a minimum if I watch what I eat. What I notice about using Dr. mist is I have no BO smell at all. So I have to give it a thumbs up . After using it for 1 whole week and I like to thank Claudette for having faith in her product because it works.

I wish this stuff was available at a retailer like Walgreen, Wal-Mart etc! It would be great. Then we would not have to be worried about shipping :) & would not have to order it on-line. It is a great product. I must admit when I first saw your free sample offer I did not want to order it because I had been so disappointed in the past. A lot of people are skeptical on here because there are a lot of scams out there for people like us and most of them dont seem to work. Im certainly glad I tried your product!

The Dr Mist is working great for me. I must thank you for bringing this to us. You are more than welcome to contact me or even the support group or any one on the support group. There is also the TMAU support group-which is different from the body odor support group. This product is the best product that I have used in over 30 years of dealing with this problem.

I am getting great results with dr. mist. I did not take a shower on a free day and I could smell myself so bad. I used Dr. mist and the odor was gone in half an hour. Cya

Excellent product. I plan to purchase some additional bottles. I was very impressed with the way the package was delivered. I told one person (female) to spray her underwear and then spray the groin area (outside) only and then spray the clothes she wears, to see if it helps.

Honestly, Dr. Mist could easily sell this product for $59.99 per bottle and say "...you have to have this product to cure your body odor problems..." However; Dr. Mist is very compassionate, astute, and professional enough to try to market the product so that it is affordable for almost everyone. For the price of the average pizza delivery, one can obtain a bottle of Dr. Mist It appears to be WORKING, I am pleasantly surprised. I feel you are on to something BIG here, Dr. Mist.

Comments from DR.mist customers around the worldwide

I can not believe how this thing works. I had this problems with armpit odor since I got pregnant and nothing seems to work to get rid of it. I was searching the internet for answers when I saw a website talking about this product. I was really skeptical about it at first but because I was desperate, I decided to give it a try. Luckily, this is available in a London Drugs outlet near my place. I bought a bottle and tried it. I am so happy there's a product like this at exist. Man, this thing works!!! Aside from the fact that it works, I really love the fact that it's all-natural, not sticky to the armpits, no white residue, no fragrance. I even tried if it still works the second day without re-applying...well, guess what? It still works. This product is heaven sent. I can not thank you enough for bringing this product to Canada!!!Connie - Alberta

I really like the product! I have gone the whole day using it as deodorant in a silk-like blouse that doesn't breathe well, and no one has made a face when I've walked by yet! LOL!! I keep doing the sniff test when no ones looking and I must admit I'm impressed, so far. ;) My daughter, who is visiting from Toronto, still has occasional acne breakout, and tried it right away... noticed the redness fade after just 8 hours. Pat. St. Thomas

I gave a sample of Dr. mist to my neighbor who suffers from Eczema. She is in her 70's. She tried it and said her eczema is almost all gone. She said she has never seen anything like it and said to thank you because she suffered from this most of her life. You have a real winner there and I wanted to let you know. Congratulations on Dr. mist. Jackie - Montreal

This is the first day of me using this product, and already the skin on my face looks very nice and smooth. And suprisingly enough, without having to use deodorant, there is no odor at all!!! Thank YOU, I finally found something that works! Amazing. www.curezone.com

Dr.Mist is the man. A friend of mine likes to go a couple days without showering so i decided one day to spray some dr.mist on him, later on that day he did a sniff check and even he noticed that he wasn't stinky and then adopted my bottle of Dr. mist. It works great!

I have been a user of your product. I have found your product to be as you have claimed - odorless, non-fragrant (I am allergic to perfumes), the spray does not stain the clothes (which is good because most of my working clothes are white or light colored), it is effective for long hours (I sweat a lot since part of my work will be delivering lectures in non-air-conditioned rooms). I have even tried the product on small rashes and itches and find that it works rather well. Andrew Leong Fook Chee - Associate Professor Faculty of Accountancy.

Regarding Dr. mist, it has known for a long time that high salt concentrations (not just sodium chloride) will kill bacteria. If it is a "Dead Sea" spray it is a high concentration of mixed salts (as indicated by the product info for pharmacists on the web-site) it will kill any bacteria it contacts:
The Dead Sea area is famous for it "healing spas" which also include very foul smelling sulfur springs in which to bathe. All of this will kill skin bacteria and reduce skin proliferation.

George Preti, PhD.
Member, Monell Chemical Senses Center
Philadelphia, PA
Adjunct Professor, Department of Dermatology
School of Medicine - University of Pennsylvania

I have seen the results of using this product for acne, and it's truly amazing! My teenaged son has had the worst case of acne, and nothing helped, not even prescriptions from a skin specialist. He became rather reclusive and certainly depressed. I picked up our first bottle of Dr. Mist on a whim - because I felt so bad for him and I thought, "What the heck...we'll give it a try". In a couple of weeks, no kidding, his face was clear! Margie - Brantford, Ontario