Product Information

Multi-award winning DR.mist utilizes just pure water, concentrated salt and minerals ala those found in the Dead Sea.

The Treatment Principle

DR.mist utilizes just pure water, concentrated salt and minerals ala those found in the Dead Sea. This formulation uses the principle of Physics that resulted in a fluid spray that evaporates.0.4 times faster than ordinary water.

Once the fluid evaporates it leaves a thin layer or residue of very fine powder - a combination of salt and minerals on the skin. The fine powdery residue covers the epidermis and act as an effective bactericidal shield that effectively kills-off any bacteria living on or come into contact with the skin. The rationale is that without the presence of bacteria reacting on the sweat, there is therefore no unpleasant ordour.

Because it is just water and mineral salts "DR.mist", unlike other conventional deodorizers, is non-greasy or gummy. Neither does it cause stain, irritation or toxicity.

Exceptional Product Features

DR.mist fluid spray does not contain any fragrance, artificial colorings, cream, oil or alcohol. It embraces an environmental-friendly and hygienic concept process, unlike conventional products contains, such as:

Unlike conventional products which may contain

• Oil or cream that will clog pores, stains clothes and provide underarm discomfort.
• Fragrance-talc to soak up perspiration, causing the factor of contamination on body and clothes.
• Alcohol to quick-dry perspiration and kill germs, that will caused underarm skin tone to become darken and un-presentable.
• Fragrance to cover unpleasant odor, but is non lasting or may even trigger irritation or other effects. 

Note: The accumulated darkening of pigmentation of the armpit area is due to the long term usage of the above.

Effectiveness of DR.mist
With just a spray at the underarm, it will maintain cleanliness and freshness, even shower is not taken for a couple of days.

Simplicity of application
Tower-dry after shower, just spray on the under-arm area, spread it on evenly with your hands and you are done! It is as simple as that !

Universal application
As a spray-on product, DR. mist provides personal hygiene care with no risk of product contamination. One bottle of DR. mist can be shared amongst family members and friends. 

Feels like water
Upon spraying DR. mist on the under-arm area after drying, there is no stickiness nor irritation, leaving only a naturally clean and fresh feeling


DR.mist does not contain any fragrance. It is an odorless quality product that stands out from the rest. (Question: Why must underarm care product utilize fragrance?)

Preservation of perfume fragrance
With the use of DR.mist the fragrance from perfume can be preserved and simultaneously prevented from being adulterated by the sweaty odor emitting from the underarm.

To fulfill the patient's satisfaction on hygiene
Able to overcome women in confinement and disable patient that facing unfit for shower hygiene care.

The function of DR.mist floatation fluid spray
Able to flush out darkening and pigmentation from the pores at underarm region, arising from germs and acidic sweat reaction, thereby effectively rejuvenating the skin to its natural elegance.

A concept to respect human self-esteem
DR.mist realized the fact that people are more concerned about the treasure of self-esteem and has thereby not developed as a deodorizer, as such, DR. mist has been developed as a high-quality of cleanliness and hygiene care innovative theory, to counter the very nature of consumer been having a heavy concern about reputation and image.

Invent Product Concept

Inspiration From Dead Sea

As is known, seawater is under certain buoyancy. However, there is a world well-known "Dead Sea" located between Israel and Jordan.

Concentration of minerals in the seawater is 38 times higher than the normal ocean water. That is why people do not sink in the Dead Sea.

Today, many of those who suffer from skin disease will come to the "Dead Sea" for a treatment. Moreover, there are a number of organizations; especially from the medicine sector who do research here as well.

Below is a comparison of key elements between Dead Sea, Mediterranean Sea and ocean water

Break Through The Secret Of Physics

DR.mist adopts salt and mineral, after going through the study of physics, dissolve its component to clear water which is clean and cool. Furthermore, it has strong and effective killing germs function. Also from these create "The First in The World", the Floatation Fluid Spray, Which is extracted from the raw material.

DR.mist fluid spray contains concentration of salt and mineral, components, therefore, when it matches with water after spraying out, it will dry between 0.4 time faster compare with the ordinary water.

After dried, the functional component will form powder, store at the skin of armpit, it won't disappear, (p/s: the principle is that, DR. mist fluid spray contain concentration of salt and mineral component, it is 4% heavier than ordinary water "refer to density test report". As a result, the ordinary temperature is unable to evaporate it by the air) this is the main key to the reason that it is long-lasting functioning.

The Concept Explanation Of The Function

Firstly, apply DR.mist's powerful disinfecting germicide component, spray at armpit to control the elimination of perspiration, so as not to be contracted with germs and let them alive.

Secondly, apply DR.mist fluid spray’s salt arid mineral powder component, to disperse perspiration quickly, until it is dry. The function of the powder is lie on the natural elimination of little perspiration from armpit, which is stored at the armpit skin; circulate repeatedly to control the perspiration under cleanliness condition. Thereby it’s successfully achieved no more sweaty odor from the human underarm.

DR.mist fluid spray, able to flush out darkening and pigmentation from the pores at underarm region, arising from germs and acidic sweat reaction, thereby effectively rejuvenating the skin to its natural elegance.

The above complete concept and creativity of DR.mist's fluid spray, contribute to the people who like cleanliness in the whole world

Medical Discovery

DR.mist Floatation Fluid Spray Serves As The World's Most Advance Spray In Healing Skin Disease And Cut Wound, Apart From Enhancing Underarm Hygiene Care, Which Is Indeed A New Technique Of Disinfectant Germicide Floatation Fluid.

Treatment Concept

Apply DR.mist Floatation Fluid's function to flush out Toxins and Germs from the pores, which is trapped in the epidermis layer of skin and cut wound.

Utilize the fast drying theory to dries water proportion and forming a powdery residue left on the wound. This will protect the wound from further infections, and prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for germs.


The above treatment concept is to activate the prevention of germs growth on wounds and there will not be any skin discoloration accompanying the accelerated healing process.

Able to heal skin diseases, swelling and itches caused by insect or mosquito bites, rashes, bacterial, athlete foot, fungus and toxin infection etc.

(Note: Scratch the itches area to open up pores and spray on DR. Mist floatation fluid. spray thereby allowing DR.mist Floatation fluid to penetrate more efficiently to swiftly flush out the germs and toxins from the pores present in the epidermis layer of skin, thereby effectively killing germs and accelerate in reducing swelling and itches.)

Exceptional: Convenient Application, Relieve of Hassle

Simple application method - Spray DR.mist floatation fluid directly onto the wound or diseases infection area three to four times daily and be relieved the hassle of wound cleansing and dressing treatment.

(Note: Save the unnecessary work force and troublesome for the clinic and hospital worldwide.) With an accelerated healing process, wounds will not develop any pus or inflammation, thus reducing unnecessary sufferings.

The Mission of Invention

Body Hygiene and Health Care Floatation Fluid Spray

• A radical change towards body care, by eliminating the traditional misconception that underarm's sweaty odour is immensely difficult to get rid of
• The first and only in the world that educates people to enhancing underarm hygiene care
•DR.mist produces a powerful disinfecting germicide that is harmless to the cell of skin, which is indeed an innovative invention

Research Background

For centuries, mankind has neglected personal underarm hygiene care.The million-dollar question is: "How can we accept the unpleasantness of body odour, and allow it to degrade the quality of our life?"


As we enter the new millennium, mankind has a greater awareness of the need for greater personal care. Correspondingly, the amount of personal care products available in the market for application from our head to toes is literally countless, coming in all forms, shapes and sizes.

Unfortunately, one of the most glaringly deficient product is an effective underarm cleanliness and hygiene product.

Why are the underarm cleanliness and hygiene products not been used extensively as the common soap and toothpaste ?

The main reason is that the defects of using conventional deodorants are:

• Not effective in meeting our daily requirements
• Inconvenient and impractical application methods
• Product-caused underarm discomfort
• Potentially harmful to body and stains clothing
• Concept of deodorizing can inflict upon one’s self-esteem

Consequent to the above reasons, conventional deodorants are not capable of becoming "essential" daily personal care product. This has also further contributed to our status quo, where even as mankind had made leaps and bounds in the technological and medical frontiers, we are still trapped in the mind set that having body odour is inevitably part of being humans.

With the invention of DR.mist floatation fluid, the erroneous mindset that has existed for thousands of years and is now due for a major overhaul !